Saturday, January 21, 2012

I just have to blog today, I can't let 21/1/12 go by.  Luckily, I have something to post about.
Some of us who went on the tapestry tour last year got together for lunch today.  We looked through photos and had a lovely day reminiscing.
I have several posts about the trip: here is one.  They start in July 2011, if you are interested.

Another reason to celebrate was that Jennifer was cutting a tapestry off her loom.  It is gorgeous.

She showed us around her studio which she shares with her partner who does stained glass windows.
In fact, they have a rug that Jennifer wove that is based on a stained glass border design (I think I've got that right).  I couldn't believe that it was just on the floor and we were walking on it.  So much beautiful work.  But Jennifer says it is a rug and meant for the floor.

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