Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Just going for it

Just going for it ... the good and the bad.
I have been 'planning' to work on a banner quilt for a while.  I would never usually do a banner but it is the size asked for in an exhibition coming up.  A friend and I have decided to try for a few different exhibitions so that we will actually have some deadlines, and themes, to work towards.
A few days ago I decided that I had to stop planning and just go for it.  I laid out the fabrics I wanted to use, cut the background to the approximate size I wanted and then started sewing.  It wasn't looking as good as I had hoped, so I did some free motion work to give it some texture.  It had been a good idea to just start sewing, it got me going.
Today I came across the drawback of just going for it.  I have to work out how I am actually going to finish it off, how I am going to edge it.  Hmm, I may not have made it wide enough.  Luckily I was with my friend on our regular day of working together and she had some good advice. Let's hope it works.

Before I do the actual work to see if I can finish it off properly, I decided I should try recommended techniques and actually baste it so that the back doesn't move around.  I have been just doing the top and middle layers up until now but it is time to finish it off properly.  So back to tried and true methods in the hopes that they will  help me finish it off properly.


Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Best wishes that it will work well for you! It looks very interesting and I look forward to see the "finished" picture! hugs, Vera

Mary said...

Thanks Vera,
I am not sure if I can put pictures up of it as I am entering it for an exhibition. It may not get in, so then I will post pics of it.

Anonymous said...

"A few days ago I decided that I had to stop planning and just go for it." - marymac

Good on you Mary!

We just made the same decision (this year) about our music.

Mary said...

Hi again,
It is good to actually be creating - I'll have to continue the mindset. Good luck with the music.