Friday, January 6, 2012

Spider webs

As I mentioned previously, we have been advised not to put our hands where we can't see our fingertips (as you might be noticing, I really like this expression).  This is due to the large numbers of spiders that are around this year, as a result of the rain we have had.
As the drought seems to have broken, I thought I would put on our water feature, something we have not been supposed to do in the last few years as it wastes water through evaporation.  I opened the little box that has the power switch and decided not to put my hand in, even though I could see my fingertips.

This is one scary-looking spiderweb.

Then I looked around and saw some of the other webs in the garden.  Let's hope the spiders are catching lots of pesky insects.

I disturbed a few spiders as I was moving things around in the glasshouse (I do my dyeing there) and the garden.  Some of them were pretty and not too scary, some looked like I should definitely leave them alone!  Maybe I will have to wear gloves all the time when doing my dyeing at the moment, just so I am safe from spider and insect bites, not for the other safety considerations you usually think of when dyeing.

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