Thursday, February 23, 2012

An excuse for another look at photos from France

As you may have noticed, I like posting on days with interesting dates.  I really wanted to do one last Tuesday as it was 21/2/12 but couldn't think of anything riveting to write about.  Lo and behold, today I found some photos on my phone that I took when I noticed this sculpture by Anish Kapoor.  A  friend and I were visiting Heide Museum of Modern Art recently and it was in their sculpture garden.
I know it isn't the right date anymore but I can pretend to myself.

Here is some info about this installation, it is notes from the gallery. 

This lead me to go back to my photos of the installation of his that we were lucky enough to visit in Paris. I have to admit that I hadn't heard of him till then.  It's an example of travel broadening the mind I suppose.  And that you are never too old to learn.

The exhibition was amazing.  It was specially made for the space, which was huge,  and the sunshine coming through the girders put wonderful patterns on it.  We were able to go inside the sculpture and it felt like being inside a body, looking at the arteries.

I put my camera on the floor and left it open for a long exposure, hence the smudged bodies that were moving past.

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