Monday, February 13, 2012

More birds at the park

I just noticed that  I haven't posted for nearly a week.  I must have been busy! Actually, my sewing machine is off getting repaired and I have been starting a small tapestry (more about that later).
I have been taking Penny to Yarra Bend a bit lately, the grass is mown and you can see where you are walking.  There is also a good spot for swimming (for her) and I can rest while she exercises.
Lately there have been all sorts of birds.
Seagull and ducks

Rainbow Lorikeet

Swallows - they love it when we walk across the cricket ground and disturb the insects.

I think these are Ibis. I looked them up at this very interesting site.

Crested pigeon (also at this site)
I suppose it is getting closer to autumn and there is plenty of food around.
I also saw willie wagtails, sulphur crested cockatoos and a beautiful crimson rosella.  It has been nice to have had the time to look around and appreciate the birds.  I am loving the cooler summer!!


parlance said...

Perhaps a bird-related tapestry coming up?

Mary said...

That's a thought, it might get me away from tree trunks and bark. But I don't much like doing realistic pictures, so I'll have to think about it.
However, there is a gorgeous picture of a crested pigeon on the site I linked to. The feathers are beautiful. Maybe I could design something from them.