Sunday, February 26, 2012

Tapestry Weavers group meets again

Our tapestry weaving group is gradually building up membership.  We met yesterday, despite the heat.  The rooms were a comfortable temperature with the fans blowing.  Two new ladies joined us.  They are both studying the SWTAFE tapestry course, by correspondence,  and we are hoping that they will find the contact with others who are interested in tapestry to be of benefit to them and to us.
We saw the assignment that the second year students have and there was some discussion about different ways the weaving could be done.  It is good learning for all of us.
You can see samples here and here. It seems that blogs are a great way to have a visual diary.

I am having trouble with my current tapestry, it has a wrinkle (or a bulge) and I wasn't sure why.  It seems that I may have too much weft in it from not pulling and beating the weft quite tightly enough.  Hopefully I will be able to reduce some of that when I sew up the slits.  I have decided to do the sewing after the weaving as there would have been so many needles and threads hanging and I tend to tangle them.  One of our members showed me how to do the sewing after the weaving.  I suppose that I can try steaming the work if it still has bulges (I can hear the indrawn breaths of horror from some purists already).

Can I call this warped? Or should it be wefted?
I have reduced some of the bulge by putting some folded paper under the relevant warps and tightening them a bit more.  I was advised that I may be weaving with my warp a bit too loose.  This is the advantage of having people around to discuss the work.  I am very grateful that the group is available and that everyone is so helpful.  It is a group that has quite a few early-days weavers as well as some with more technical knowledge.  A good mix.

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