Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Working on a new tapestry

As my sewing machine is out of action for a couple of weeks, I have had to redirect my energies.  Thank goodness for the mild summer we have been having, I actually have some energies.
I took a photograph a few years ago at Darebin Parklands.  Fortunately, I had put it in a folder of possible ideas for a tapestry so didn't lose it when I deleted all my photos from iPhoto (still not happy Jane).
I played around with the photo in Photoshop and made it less pictorial - slightly less.  I also cropped it.

I didn't fiddle with the colours, I seem to have a history of getting this purple-blue colour down at the park.  I am using some of the wools that I used for my cliff-face and it is looking remarkably purple again.  Oh well, I liked the colours in that and the greens will hopefully make it look different. I also have a tendency to mix my colours as I go and to adapt the design, so it won't look too much like the photo in the end.  Hopefully it will still be recognisable though.

But that didn't seem enough of a challenge - I also decided to take photos of it as it progressed with the aim of making another small stop motion animation.
Have I mentioned all the things you have to take into account when taking photos for an animation?  Things like having the camera at the same precise angle, the loom at the same angle, the lighting not changing, the camera and loom at the same distance each time, etc.
This is all a bit hard to achieve over the time a tapestry takes to weave, especially when you take the loom with you to other places. I am attempting to make the images the same size in Photoshop but it is proving to be a little challenging.  However, if I am not too bothered by a jerky animation, I may succeed.  I will continue working on it and see how I go.
One benefit is that I stop from time to time to take a photo - and that reminds me to get up and move, much needed. Then I can see the progress I have made which is often much more obvious on the camera than on the loom.

Note the difference in the photos, they are going to need quite a bit of work to match them up.  But I can see how much I have done, very pleasing.


Michelle said...

Wow, that looks great! Such a great idea to manipulate photos to use in design - I must play with Photoshop more ;)

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I found some really good tutorials online. The trouble with Photoshop is that it can do SO MUCH and it is hard to know which effects to use - and when to stop.