Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beneath the Southern Sky

I have been accepted into the exhibition Beneath the Southern Sky!  I am very excited to be included, especially when I see the samples that are already up on the Facebook page.
I have been working on eucalyptus bark images for a while now (in case you hadn't noticed) and the banner size, 1m x 40cm, suited the images perfectly.

I based my work on the techniques that I was playing around with for my graduation pieces, just a bit bigger.  I had fun doing it and was very glad to have the focus straight after graduating, it gave me the impetus to keep designing and making.

The work has silk I dyed with eucalyptus bark as well as some commercial silks.  I did free motion and raw edge appliqué.

I especially like the pictures of trees that show so much texture.  I was also influenced by the trees in summer, when the bark peels off, showing the lovely smooth trunk underneath.  It reminds me of our innocent youth when we used to peel the burnt skin off after a day in the sun - gives me the willies now!

I hope I will get to see it on show, I might not be able to make the Australian Quilt Convention but I think it is here in Melbourne again later this year.  I'll have to check the schedule.
I will put a link in the side bar so I can check the updates while it is travelling the country.

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parlance said...

I hope I too can get to see it on display. Once again, congratulations!