Saturday, October 8, 2011

Some errors

I have just tried the link from my post about Angers, and the Apocalypse Tapestries, and discovered that the link was wrong.  I have fixed it now - here.
You  may also have noticed that I had felting in the title of my last blog but there was no mention of felting in the text.  That is because I decided to delete that part but forgot to fix the header.  Accolades (clap, clap) to those who noticed!
I actually tried to mark the correction in the header (as I had done with the misspelling of Apocalypse in another header) but ended up striking through all the text in all my blogs, so I quickly deleted that.  I have no idea why it happened and am not going to try that again in a hurry.
I will blog about the felting soon. Perhaps.  It was not a great success but I did get some interesting tiny parts.

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