Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Phone

I dropped my mobile phone recently and tried to manage with it for a week or so but finally had to admit that it was inconvenient to only be able to send and receive texts.  Actual calls dropped out almost instantly.
So off I went to get a new phone, as much like my previous one as possible so I wouldn't have to learn too much new stuff.  I didn't want it to do anything other than make calls and send text messages.
I did use it to take some photos on my first walk out with it.  What wonderful, beauteous thing did I photograph? Sawfly caterpillars of course.
They had fallen to the ground, presumably to dig underground where they metamorphose.

These caterpillars bunch together and look disgusting, probably so we won't touch them.  They do irritate the skin if you touch them, so the warning it good to take heed of.  One of the things they do is wiggle their bottoms in the air to warn you away and I tried to get a movie of that. That is the unfocussed picture.  I couldn't get the movie part to work but the next time I tried to use the camera I could only get movies!  Ah, new technology.

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