Thursday, October 6, 2011

TAG meeting,felting and other stuff

I finally attending one of the TAG meetings at the Embroiderers' Guild in Melbourne last Monday.  Unfortunately, the ladies who have been organising these talks are not going to be able to do so in the future.  This might mean that the talks will cease for the time being although some volunteers may take up the challenge.

The artist presenting was Jan Irvine-Nealie and she was very interesting. Her work is beautiful and she  explained the underlying meaning of most of the pieces.  She said she needs to have the thought process going as the running stitch takes a long time and she needs to be thinking while doing it, otherwise it would all be a bit boring. The small examples she brought were wonderful - I feel quite inspired to attempt some of her technique.  She airbrushes her designs onto the fabric and then enhances it with running stitch.  I will not do the airbrushing but I would like to try the running stitch as such an important part of the design.

I am getting a bit anxious about the final work we have to do for our graduation show.  It is due to be handed in in the first week of November and I haven't got a design or technique nailed down yet! Maybe I should stick to a technique I am familiar with and leave the experimenting till after the show.  But the subject IS called Experimental Textiles, I just think that maybe I should not be still experimenting at this stage.

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