Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pictures from my phone

Well, I have some more attractive photos on my phone now.  I was not sure what the quality and size of the pictures would be but I got some full, A4 sized prints from them.  They are gorgeous.  I haven't quite conquered focus but they are still good.  More practice, and more reading of instructions (actually, first reading of instructions) needed.
These are yet more trees from the park along the rail line in Rosanna.  I had been sewing for a few hours and Penny and I needed the walk.

Penny liked this one! 
Such beautiful trees make it hard for me to move on from my current obsession with eucalyptus bark.


parlance said...

These photos are gorgeous. A good phone, by the sounds of it.

Mary said...

Yes, Parlance. It takes great photos and I am slowly learning how to use some of the features of the phone. Now I only have to work out how to make it ring for longer and so that i can hear it.