Thursday, October 27, 2011

Experimenting with Free Motion Sewing Machine Lace

I have been playing around with free motion sewing machine lace.  I tried some different weight threads and even used a fabric base for part of it.  That turned out to be interesting, the sewing and washing out of the soluble stabiliser caused some shrinkage and the silk puckered. I quite liked this result.

I also used some left-over hat making stuff that I bought last year (I just cannot think of its name).  It was good for a base for the sewing and gives some added texture, something that I love.

I also used some knitting wool and couched it.

I did this as a test for some thread I thought I would like to use but it turned out to be a bit too thick, even though it seems to have been ok in the sample.  I didn't write down the things I was doing immediately and, by the time I had washed it out and dried it, I couldn't remember exactly what I had done.  Very frustrating.  Of course, I can look carefully and see and it is close enough to me doing it that I can remember the sorts of things I did.  Still, it is a lesson on writing down what you are doing as you are doing it.


Michelle said...

Wow, a lot of that would make awesome clothing material - kinda with a 'deconstructed' look!

therigatha said...

these are beautiful, would love to have a piece to add to a dressy T for summer

Mary said...

Thanks ladies, it takes a fair while to do, so it would be an expensive T! But I would probably get faster at it if I did a few - and if I stopped experimenting.