Friday, June 24, 2011


We have reached Angers today and visited the cathedral to view the wonderful building, the stained glass windows and the tapestries. It is interesting to see the tapestries so high up and imagine them with less faded colours, they would have been fabulous. We are off to see the Apocalypse tapestries tomorrow - that should be yet another highlight.
We have seen so many tapestries lately, it is great to know that so many have survived all these years. The reds and blues have lasted better than the yellows and greens and it was good to have visited the tapestry workshop at West Dean because is gives us an idea of what the tapestries might have looked like when new, very colourful.
The techniques used in the old tapestries are interesting to see also. I am trying to de die what sort of design to use when we have our week of tapestry weaving next week, it has been so stimulating this past week and a bit that I haven't made up my mind yet.
Still no photos to share, will try to get on to that soon.


parlance said...

You're not tapestried out?

Mary said...

Not tapestries out but having trouble remembering what we've seen when and where. We have seen SO MUCH fabulous stuff.