Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Graduate exhibition at Hampton Court Palace

I have finally managed to post.  I am currently in London, awaiting a tour that is going to take us to see tapestry weaving in and around London and France.  But I arranged to come to London before the tour starts which has turned out to be fortunate as planes are not leaving Melbourne at present - at least Qantas flights are not.
When doing my homework before leaving, I discovered that the graduate exhibition for the Royal School of Needlework was going to be on the very weekend I arrived - at Hampton Court Palace, no less.  So I made my way there in great excitement.
The work was varied and inspiring.  There were 15 students exhibiting, some on whom will go on to do a 3rd year of study. 
I was extremely jealous when reading the visual diaries and saw that the students had been able to visit the Victoria and Albert museum, palaces, and other historic sites as part of their research.  It brings home how far away Australia is from the rest of the world, and how we lack the access to such wonderful treasures.  Jealous, jealous, jealous!

I was allowed to take photos, so here are a few.

I loved this one, it is rye knots, a technique similar to a tapestry knot.

Beautiful fabrics and colours.

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parlance said...

Number one: don't forget Australia has an enormous treasure of ancient rock art that would make any person in Europe swoon with envy...

Two: what is that last photo???

Three: have a great time!