Saturday, June 18, 2011


I have not had much time to post on this trip and I can't work out how to post photos using the iPad. Maybe I should have bought it in Australia and taken the time to get more familiar with it but too late now. I have taken lots of photos, so will try to put up some posts once I get home.
We have seen so many fabulous things, starting with visiting West Dean tapestry workshop where they are reproducing tapestries to hang in Stirling Castle. They have tried to use colours they think are true to what would have been used at the time and they are bright and cheery.

We have also visited the Cluny museum here in Paris and seen the magnificent Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. I have seen them in books, on cards, table mats, etc and had thought they would all be the same size. They are not and they are huge. If ever you come to Paris go and see them. They are beautiful, intricate, beautifully woven,beautifully presented and just gorgeous. There are so many areas to look at and marvel at the colours,the patterns, the weaving, it was just wonderful.
We have done so much I will have to do lots of posts when I come home.


parlance said...

When I've travelled in the past, I've sometimes been overwhelmed at how much there is to see. I think it's a great idea that your trip is concentrated on tapestries - it enables you to stay focused and enjoy things more.

Mary said...

Parlance, even though we are focussing on the tapestries, there are still a lot of them. And you can't help being distracted by some of the other amazing works you walk past to get to them, so the focus is good but there is still so much to see. The trip has been fabulous so far, so many wonderful tapestries to see.
More to come as we are moving away from Paris to some of the famous tapestry areas.