Friday, January 1, 2016

Bird pests

I often take our dog, Penny, to a local park. Quite frequently I have to drag her away from where someone has obviously put half a loaf of bread for the birds. So I was very interested to see this sign:
The fine print is about how feral birds compete with native birds for nesting spots and food. Actually, we really don't like the Indian myna as they take over the nests of other birds and kill the babies.
The birds specifically mentioned on this sign are the Indian myna, the sparrow and starlings.

I often go to this park and usually see at least five different sorts of birds. Today was no exception. The birds were either suffering from the heat or have become used to dogs. They allowed us to get quite close to them before moving away - if necessary.

Penny was unfazed by the birds also, mostly ignoring them.
Galah, a pink headed one.

We got a bit too close!
Maybe I could design a tapestry from this. Our online group is working on the theme Flight.
The magpie was keeping an eye on us but not too worried.
Too close again, it flew up into the tree.

Kookaburras not too worried about us either. We suspect they were waiting for the people in the house to feed them.
I couldn't resist taking a couple of pictures of the trees, to add to my already vast store. This one was so obviously twisted anti-clockwise (as I have posted about before).

It was very dry in the park but the birds seemed to be finding plenty to eat. 
What a difference a bit of water makes though. This tap is for people and dogs to drink at. 

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