Monday, January 4, 2016

gorgeous sunsets

I am currently working on a banner quilt, based on my old sunset photos. (It is not turning out as well as I had hoped but I may be able to rescue it.)

I just came across a blog post about using a sunset background.

Then I came across a news article about the wonderful sunset we had last night. The colours in these are amazing. You could think it was the end of the world in some, rather than the end of the day.

Seems my obsession won't be dying down soon.


mycamerandme365 said...

You have some lovely colours there Mary, all hand dyed? I look forward to seeing the end result.

Mary said...

Thanks. None of them is hand dyed! They are all commercial fabrics. Most of them are quite old as I am still trying to make my way through my stash, which used to be very extensive. Now it is only extensive.

theregatha said...

Loving the overall scheme. Will you machine embroider over them?

Mary said...

Yes, theregatha, and use some yarns I have lying around also. Trying to use up that stash too.