Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Different Sunset

After I attended the tapestry workshop with Joy Smith, at the Wangaratta Art Gallery, I started a small tapestry at home. It was based on the sunset photos that I have been using as inspiration for most of the year.

I am also working on it for the online group's yearly challenge. This year it is Flight.
I downloaded some images of birds in flight from 123RF. Using Photoshop, my favourite program, I inserted a bird.
They ask you to acknowledge the source, so here it is.

Eventually, I decided that two birds would be better. I just pasted the bird image into Photoshop and resized it. I debated having three, that being a much more artistic number but decided that I couldn't manage to weave a smaller one.

Then I got sidetracked by discovering a call for entries for a quilt. Several weeks of work went into that.

But I am back to the tapestry now. I thought I had about a third more weaving to do but discovered that I was almost finished.

It is cut off the loom now and all I have to do is put the backing on.

I used the photo as a guide, rather than a definite cartoon, and the colours have moved around a bit. Not to worry, it isn't supposed to be a photograph.

I am not that keen on it, it is rather pink and purple. But I did manage to keep my sides from coming in too much. I was reminded, at the workshop, to leave plenty of weft in and the pulling in wouldn't be such a problem. Now all I have to do is practise (of course!) and try not to have the little lumpy bits. It is not a great piece of art but I am happy that I have nice even edges.

I don't usually finish off with the braiding, I usually use the small tapestry technique. I REALLY need to practise the braiding!! I seemed to be all thumbs, as they say. So I will try to find an image I like and do another small piece, with a view to working on my weaving and finishing off techniques.


mycamerandme365 said...

Another delightful piece of work Mary!

theregatha said...

Congratulations, a gorgeous sunset. I like that you chose only two birds, it makes the piece far less predictable. Well done on a very productive summer

Mary said...

Thanks for the kind comments. All I have to do is sew the back on and I just can't seem to get motivated. It will only take half an hour, I really should get to it. Don't you just hate finishing off!