Friday, January 22, 2016

A Matter of Time

I was extremely happy to hear that my work has been accepted to the exhibition A Matter of Time. The news came through yesterday, absolutely making my day!

You can go to the official page on the link at the side or the Facebook page here (and on the symbol on the official page).

My sunset banner quilt is the piece I entered.
My thoughts were along the lines of how crowded our lives can be, how much we try to fit in. Despite how we try to make time slow down or speed up, time has its own rhythms, the sun will set at the end of every day. (That's not exactly my statement, it is just how my thoughts were going as I worked on it.)

There was a lot of time put into the quilt too.

After I had cut out the silhouette, I laid it out carefully and then ironed it onto the background.

Then I sewed around all the edges. It was quite tricky to see if I had done all the edges but I think I have.

You can see some cones of tapestry yarn in the background. I used some of them to carry colour across areas. I also used various knitting yarns and the ribbon from an old blanket that we had washed. The ribbon disintegrated off the blanket but was still looking good enough to be incorporated into some work. I just couldn't bear to throw it away, as usual.
The whole quilt is made up of strips, scraps and yarns. Except for the backing, of course, and the silhouette.


mycamerandme365 said...

Congratulations Mary, well done! The piece looks wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Mary I've just caught up with your blog. You must be really pleased to have your quilt accepted for the Matter of Time exhibition. Fantastic! It looks terrific . Pat

Mary said...

Thanks ladies, I am very happy! I loved the challenge in that it gave me something to think about during that Christmas/summer holiday time. It took quite a while to do. I was happy with the outcome - not always the case for me. I got to use lots of pieces of fabric from other quilts, some of them from over 10 years ago. Being accepted is the icing on the cake.

theregatha said...

Wow congratualtions again! So very proud of you