Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bus Stop in Alphington

I have just realised that I know NOTHING about Instagram!  I tried to look up the bus stop I saw at Alphington and couldn't find the links, despite doing a search that said I had found some information.
Pictogram is a problem for me too.

That's probably why I am still blogging when I have heard it is passé now.

Not to worry, I am enjoying the blogging. And, as I have stated that it is a visual diary too, I am not worried about new-fangled trends. In fact, I did use it recently to see how I had done a previous technique that I wanted to try again.

So …

I have driven past this bus stop in Alphington a few times recently and loved the glimpses I have caught of the inviting room. It is not in a spot conducive to pulling over.

Today we were taking our dog for a walk and I said we should go past this very interesting art installation. We turned off just before the bus stop and parked behind the empty buildings of the old APM site. It is a fantastically desolate site. A couple who were walking by said that it had been used to make an E grade movie about vampires a few years ago, when the site was first sold off. I can see why it was chosen.

But it was the bus stop that was my destination - I had to go and see it close up, getting more detail than you see just driving by.

 The bus stop looks rather ordinary as you approach it from the street.

 Then you see it close up - fabulous.

I don't know who is doing it but I do know that I derive great enjoyment from seeing it. I think it has developed over the days. I hope it is allowed to stay.


theregatha said...

I too know nothing about instagram, but have good intentions to find out so I don't become stranded in a fog of redundant oldie syndrome!
Love the installation: wonder if Theresa's group are involved.

Mary said...

Don't know who is responsible but it has been there a while now. It even survived the heavy rain the other day.

mycamerandme365 said...

It does look very cosy and quite amazing that it hasn't been destroyed by some idiot!

Mary said...

I haven't been past for a few days but I did notice that, about a week ago, the table, lamp and flowers are gone!

Mary said...

Update: I drove past today and there is a new table, tablecloth and pot in a plant!