Monday, December 28, 2015

Quiet Day

I took the dog for a walk this morning. It is the Monday after Christmas but we are having a Boxing Day holiday, even though we seem to have also had a Boxing Day holiday on Saturday. Maybe today is so people can recover from the shopping frenzy.

I took this photo of the freeway into the city at what is usually peak hour.
We should have clean air at present anyway, with the recent rain and so little traffic.

I could tell my interests have changed. I walked past lots of beautiful bark lying on the ground and wasn't tempted to pick it up for dyeing experiments. I am even walking past the hollyhock flowers in our own backyard. I don't actually want to play around with it at the moment, I don't have any use for the fabric and it seems a huge waste of water to be playing around with the dyeing and rinsing.

But I couldn't resist this textured tree trunk.
Maybe my interests will revive or maybe I am moving on to other ideas. I am playing around with my sunset pictures from last year - still. 
It is much the same time of year as when I took them and I can tell that we are having some spectacular ones again, from looking at the tree that reflects the gorgeous colours. 


theregatha said...

Hi Mary, reading about your quiet day reminded me I had promised to send the link for satyananda : Trust it is of use Hope you are enjoying the "serenity" cheers M

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I am enjoying the slower day, and the cooler weather. Not looking forward to the upcoming heat but it is summer.