Sunday, December 6, 2015

Weaving at Wang

I have just returned from a 3 day tapestry weaving workshop with Joy Smith.
It was a small group, 3 beginners and 2 continuers - if I can call ourselves that.

The focus was on colour and different ways to blend colours, or to use them to good advantage.
We were at the Wangaratta Art Gallery and surrounded by beautiful tapestries from the Australian Tapestry Workshop.

Not only were they wonderful to be sitting with, they were inspirational and educational. We could wander off to see how colours were blended, how different shades were made and to look at different techniques.

We worked in the actual gallery space where the light was the same all day. Once we had made some progress, we took the looms out into the bright sunshine to see the difference in colours. Some of the differences were quite startling!

I have practised with a few techniques and have an idea for a small tapestry. All I have to do now is get the colours. I decided to challenge myself and go outside my usual colour range, so I might not have them in my stash. Oh dear, I will have to make myself go to the Tapestry Workshop itself and look at all those gorgeous colours.

First I need to go through my own yarns to check if I have any that will do. I am also intending to use some embroidery thread or silk thread, so I will have to check them too.

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