Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I think this happened last year.

I got the silk pieces out of the pot today and washed them out.
They started out a lovely purplish colour. The water continued to have some dye come out so I put it in the washing machine (on a very low and short setting) and let it finish rinsing. I did let warm water go in. Maybe that was the problem.
All the pieces are now grey!  A lovely warm grey, with tinges of purple, but definitely grey.

Once it happened, I remembered something similar happening previously. Obviously, the warm water had something to do with it - or not.
But it is good to know that the pink and blue colours wash out - it would be dreadful to make something and sell it and then have the colours change when the buyer washed it. (If I ever get around to making something, let alone selling it.)

I still have the fabric in the cold water jars. They are still purple and the dry flowers seem to be as strong as the frozen ones now.

Time will tell, I will have to leave them for a couple more days (or just one, if I am impatient) and then wash them out and see what eventuates.

There was still a dye bath, so I put in some odds and ends from previous works to see what would happen. The dye is much less intense, so the colour will be fainter. And I used wool and cotton batting, cotton fabric and some fabric that was polycotton mix. So it will be interesting to see what comes out of it all. I did boil it again, for a short time. Now I am thinking that the heat was probably not a great idea - too late, I did it.

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