Thursday, December 10, 2015

Michelle Mischkulnig exhibition

I went to Yering Station the other day to see Michelle's exhibition.
It was very inspiring!
I loved the colours, the motifs, the different techniques she uses.

In fact, it has made me think of trying some silk painting again. I haven't done that in AGES!! I have some fabric left over from the 80s (I don't throw out much) and now I might be able to practise some sewing on it, making it useful. I have dabbled since but now I have a use for it - if I get around to it.

She uses a variety of techniques and her work is very interesting to see. I took a few photos but they didn't turn out that well. You can see better images on her website and Facebook page.
I loved the layers in this.

2 comments: said...

Thank you for your kind words .I am so glad you visited my exhibition and appreciate the support.It is a large body of work 40 pieces I have all these pieces in my gallery on my website link below .But they are so much more intricate and dimensional up close and personal.i am glad you are inspired to head back to your silks and fabrics and hope you enjoy and smile while doing so.Best Wishes Michelle

Mary said...

Thank you Michelle. It was a very cheerful exhibition, lots of bright colours and images.