Saturday, November 30, 2013

Yet another quilt exhibition.

The Patchworkers' and Quilters' Guild of Victoria exhibition 2013 is on this weekend, within walking distance.  How could I justify not going?
It had a large collection of quilts of varying styles.  Quite a few stuffed appliqué - I'm not sure how they were done but they were very effective.  There were traditional quilts, modern quilts and art quilts.  A group was demonstrating techniques.

I think this was called Art Deco Door

This is a close-up of part of a Jacobean appliqué  quilt

Sticky Beaks, by Jan Fraser
Unfortunately, I only took my phone and the photos didn't turn out well.  I took photos of the makers of these quilts but they are unreadable.  I have labelled them as I remember them.

Can Do Books even had a stall there. (Unexpected expense, they had a book I had been thinking about buying.) There was an exhibition of quilts by a group I had seen exhibited at the Community Arts Centre at Box Hill.
I am very glad I took the time to wander down there.
I have walked past the Masonic Hall where they meet before, while out walking the dog and have thought I should call in to see what goes on at the monthly meetings.  One of the ladies I spoke to today said that they often have over 100 people attend meetings.  And they have regular guest speakers and a different shop visit each month. Must make an effort to go next year.  They meet on a different day from my tapestry group, so, as long as the football fixture co-operates, I should be able to go to some meetings.

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