Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Chronicle Fibres

I almost missed the Box Hill Textile Art 2013 Graduation Exhibition, it finishes tomorrow. I went to Eckersleys in the city today to see it and it was well worth the effort.  Each student had to produce at least 6 works for exhibition and most seemed to have done much more than that.  Each artist produced works that were very different from each other, it is obvious that the Box Hill course allows the students to develop their skills and ideas individually.
I was very interested in the various techniques and had a good talk with the artist on duty, Carol Dunstan.  She very generously explained her processes to me and even gave me a copy of some of her other works so I can look at them in more detail.

It was good to be able to see the visual diaries of the artists also, to see their ideas developing.
Carol Dunstan
Carol O'Loughlin
Allison Kingston
Donna Williams
Jennie-maree Tempest
Karen McDougall 
Yvonne Phillips

Yvonne Phillips
I am feeling quite inspired to have a go at some of the techniques the artists have used.  Once I get my studio cleaned up, I am still getting around to that. Then there are the works that I admire but could not even think of attempting. But I am still feeling inspired.
You can see more about the artists on their website, Chronicle Fibres.

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