Sunday, November 10, 2013

Second Parasol

I have almost finished the second parasol. If only I could find the 8th little knob to go on the end of the struts, I would be finished.
Fortunately, I was able to put it all together without needing that little bit.  I wasn't certain I would be able to as it holds the tension on the fabric and allows me to put the parasol together but the other 7 struts have done the job nicely.

I used very bright orange netting.  While researching symbols and their meaning, I came across quite a few to do with the sun and thought they would be suitable for a parasol - protection from the sun while enjoying being able to be in the sun! Maybe even some sun worshipping.

I used some novelty yarn for the top symbol. I did some thread drawing on synthetic organza for the leaves of the lotus flower. The actual lotus was thread drawn on some netting, cut out and then sewn onto the base.

I decided that, even though I am going for art rather than function, it would need something else. The fabric was so sheer that you could see the frame too clearly for my liking. Some of my research was about warding off the evil eye with mirrors, reflections and brightness.  Therefore, there is a layer of gold reflective fabric under the netting. I thought this more solid fabric would give some protection if the parasol is ever used for that purpose. The two layers are not connected except for the side seams and this gives some interesting movement.  I haven't decided what to do about the rim yet, I think it will just float around in the air.
Here it is, almost ready to be put on the frame - HOPING it will fit! (Me hoping, not it.)
I also sourced some real shisha mirrors, unlike the sequins on the other parasol, and sewed two onto each section.  They look like holes to me, maybe they will suck the evil spirits in rather than repelling them.

Another aspect of the symbolism is that there should be some asymmetry - I love that, no need to be exact.  There is lots of asymmetry in the parasol - very protective.

I sewed the circle inside the parasol once again, after I discovered that the whole thing just slides down the centre if you don't! Then the knobs fall off, very annoying.

I also sewed the struts to the seams in two places as they slipped sideways a bit more than I liked.  That has worked well too.

I put the spiral design onto a separate piece at the top that hides all the not quite matching seams.  It seemed to work well but when I put the parasol down it stood out sideways in a most unattractive manner.  So that got caught down in each section too.
Ta da! - The (almost) finished item (as soon as I find another knob to put on the end of the final strut).


Anonymous said...

Mary I enjoy reading of your textile projects and am always amazed at how much time must go into each of them, such as this parasol, which looks particularly challenging to me. I hope you are getting great marks in your assignments!

Marion said...

Its gorgeous, I think I might need to have it hung in the restaurant as a good luck charm, though I am not too keen on the idea of those shisa sucking in bad luck.

Mary said...

Thanks Pat. I am about to send it off. I enjoy the course because it makes me do things I would not otherwise have done - I don't think I would have thought of a parasol by myself, even though there was no suggestion of one in the notes. But the reading led me to in - in a convoluted way. It was actually rather easy to take the umbrella apart and make the bits to put on. The challenge was in getting the sections the right size, especially as I am not a maker of things and so don't have good skills as a seamstress. I am learning, however.

Mary said...

Marion, the bad luck is supposed to get sucked in a trapped, making the space a better place to be. Feel free to make me an offer! (Once I get it back.)