Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Visiting Heide Museum of Art

It was time for our yearly get-together at Heide today.  Lovely day, nice and cool indoors, a good escape from the summery weather.  Hope it doesn't get hot too quickly, our bodies need to adjust.
We started with the all important part of the day - lunch.  And a good talk.
We finished with lovely hot chocolate, with even lovelier images on top.  It reminds me of a post about our dog on an outing recently. Turns out it was the same cafe. I had forgotten that.

Then we wandered up to the house to see the exhibition of Erica McGilchrist's work. There were some very moody images and some very thickly embroidered pieces.  She worked in paint, pencil and some textiles.  We were impressed by the density of some of the lines, and sewing, and the amazing control and patience she had in producing these works.  Quite a bit of the work was about the degradation of the environment, seems we are still talking about this issue, long after it first became a topic of concern.

On the way we saw some interesting sculptures in the garden.

You can just see some of the metal frame inside the weaving.
The interesting weaving in the sculpture made me think of a brochure I have recently read, Stepping Stones.  It was from Indigenous Community Volunteers and one of the articles was about Hands on Weaving, a grassroots, community driven women's groups in the Wagga Wagga Community. We have been looking for donations to give as Christmas gifts and this seems like a good one to support. 

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