Thursday, November 7, 2013

Silky clouds

It is almost a week since I have posted, I have been working hard(ish) on another parasol.  More on that later.
We have been having some quite changeable weather, warm, cool, cold, wet, fine, windy, still, etc.
There have been some gorgeous clouds around.  They make me think of silk roving that you can lay out in felting, or you could sew it I suppose.  All gorgeously fluffy and dainty.
So here are some photos I took over a couple of days.

Can't you just see this as silk laid out ready to be felted?

Then, a few days later I was outside around sunset and noticed similar clouds but this time they were also changing colours.  It made me think of the time last year when I was waiting for the colours at Uluru to change. I was less patient this time and only took a few photos.  I was also influenced by the fact that they were changing shape as I watched, getting out of my viewfinder's range.

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