Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting a little more done.

Our monthly tapestry group meeting happened yesterday. Six of us were there and five of us actually had work on the go.  Glennis showed us her lovely Shifu books.  They were gorgeous.

Two of us had been to Tarndie the weekend before and got some more done on those tapestries.  I even prepared for the day by untangling some of my thrums and organising them roughly into colours I thought I might want.

I did manage to get a little more done.
Amazingly, I have no blue thrums suitable for the sky (not that I am up to that yet).  I will have to use wool from cones but I had already bought some for my colour sampler (which is still on the loom), so no new purchases for this little tapestry.  I'm feeling very virtuous.

I had intended to do some today, no such luck. I think I need to leave the premises to actually do any weaving. 'Working' from home is a bit of a challenge for me, too many distractions.

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