Thursday, December 5, 2013

Plodding along

I have been working in short bursts on the landscape tapestry from our weekend workshop.  I made the mistake of looking back at the original photo rather than the collage and ended up trying to do it more realistically.  I put in the island and wasn't happy with it.  I have taken it out and done it again but it is still more like the photo than the collage.
I decided to just keep going and hope that the weaving around it would change my perception of it.

I am now up to the sky, having put in my interpretation of the collage - which just means that I didn't really do what was on the collage.

I am going to have some problems with the sky.  The photo has a clear blue sky, the collage has lots of blue with white torn edges of the paper.  Unfortunately, I don't seem to have used much blue in past tapestries.  I have lots of whites and greys, some greenish blue and a tiny bit of stronger blue.
What do do about this??  Decisions, decisions.  Will I just use what I have, as I have done so far - and that has meant a colour change as I go as I have used up the original colours - or will I get out the blue cones I have and make some colours that will fit my two images better?
As you can see, some of the blue I have is quite purplish and some is very aqua.  Not the colours in either image. I can't make up my mind today. Time to stop weaving for the day - it is dark weather anyway.  I'll try to do some tomorrow, make my decision overnight - I hope.


theregatha said...

Hi mary
just looking out my window to check, and yes as usual the mass of water out there generally reflects the colours of the sky: overcast day it is a bit darker, sunny day it is a touch brighter, but all in all the colours of the water are a reflection of the colours of the sky. So I am wondering if you can just tweak the colours you used for your water with a slight strand of 'blue" whether purplish or turquoise, and build it from there? cheers M

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha,
Good idea. I will try to use the colours I have but they are often in very small amounts, so I will have to introduce some new blues. I'll try to only use ones I have used before. I really should have finished my old house tapestry, I would have lots of blue then - I am about ready to do the sky on that one.