Monday, December 16, 2013

Doodling again

I have recently started doing my daily doodles again.  In fact, I have had time to do one at night, just before I go to sleep, and one in the morning, before I even get out of bed! (And that is after my three pages of writing in my journal - you can tell it is holiday time, it takes ages to get out of bed.)
I must say, I am sleeping well after starting this ritual at night, it is very relaxing.
I am keeping them small and doable, it doesn't take too long to do one.
I have also started doing them randomly on the page, so I won't be too influenced by the previous one - I hope.
I use A4 drawing paper and can fit 12 squares quite nicely.

Then I decided to branch out and try a variation.  I got out some masking tape and traced the inside and outside of the shape, overlapping them.  I was strict with myself and only did one section each day. Some sections are not very big at all and were very quick to do.

I feeling inspired by a conversation I had tonight, talking about a pizza, which is round, cut up into triangles and stored in a square box.  That might be my inspiration for a new doodle. I'll have to see what develops. Maybe I should order a pizza and take a photo, just for inspiration.

I am feeling ambitious and want to try a new stop motion animation.  I was inspired by seeing a post giving pictorial developments of doodling as well as a video.  Why make a simple video? I ask myself.  Why not make it hard and try to take a photo of each stage and then make it into a movie? I'll have to work out how to set up the camera so that it takes the image with the same lighting, make sure the paper doesn't move and it doesn't need too much editing to make the image grow smoothly.  That will be a project for another day, when I am feeling a bit more energetic. Don't hold your breath waiting for this to appear.


theregatha said...

I really like the circular ones, offers that illusionary shift in focus. I wonder how a tapestry would go in this style. Do you think my 'pink' theme could incorporate one of these complex designs?

Mary said...

Thanks theregatha, I could see some of the designs being quite doable, others would be challenging. But it could be adapted - good idea. Feel free to try it in pink!
I like overlapped shapes, as you might have noticed.