Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dyeing with frozen dandelion flowers

As I posted recently, very recently, I used some frozen flower heads to try dandelion dyeing.  I didn't have that many but I didn't use that much silk either.  I have already said that the colour was a bit blah so put a few grains of copper sulphate to green it up a bit.  That wasn't entirely successful.

However, since rinsing and drying the fabric, I have decided I don't mind the colour, especially with the cotton gauze laid over it.  It is quite pretty really, ever so slightly greenish-yellowish.
Hmm, the photo doesn't show up the greenish, yellowish tinge.  I must try playing around with the camera settings a bit more. Later.

I took Penny, our dog, out for a walk this morning, before it heats up too much for her.  According to the radio, it was only 19C (I can't find the symbol for degrees and I can't be bothered writing the whole word repeatedly) but it was much warmer in the sun.  Penny kept going from shade to shade spot.
She lay down in a little field of dandelion flowers and I was momentarily tempted to pick the flower heads - but it was definitely only a momentary thought.
I like the fabric but I don't have the oomph at the moment to spend the time picking each individual flower. Someone had the thought that I might have got a yellower colour if I had only had the petals but that thought just overwhelms me - fancy picking all the greenery off all those little flowers!  Definitely not worth the effort at the moment.
Then the moment passes as the seasons change.  Maybe next year.
I am currently wishing I had been into dyeing when the oxalis were out, I was a bit slack about that this year. Maybe next year again.
I hope you all have a great year next year - not far away now!
And today is my last chance to have 31/13 as the bookends of the date.

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