Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Special date

I had to prepare this earlier today so I could post it at 10 past 9 this evening (I hope I remember to do it!).  I missed this morning, so it will have to be the 9.00pm time.  Then it will be 9.10 on 11/12/13!!  That has to be some sort of good thing.
So here is my not particularly interesting post:
I have cut the work off the loom and steamed it so that it is closer to a rectangle - it is still a bit wider at the bottom, not enough to worry about.

Actually, now that I see the photo, I see that the right side wasn't pinned enough and is wobbly.  And the left side isn't really as curved as it appears here.

I had lunch with some tapestry weaving friends today and we discussed this problem I have, as well as the fact that the warp was showing a bit in the tighter areas.  The consensus was that I was pulling too hard, especially on one side.  One person reported that she had been advised that this often happens in the open shed pass.
In the meantime, I have turned over the edges and made the sample tidier.

I will have to try another sample and see if I can rectify the problem. I think I will get to work on another colour sampler and try to keep it even.  My last one was ok for the the colour (in that I can see what I need to do in future) but terrible for the pulling in! I have plenty of warp left beside it, so I think I will give that a go.
I aim to do three types of graduating colour, to see what suits my various purposes best. Who knows if I will ever get the three done - but that is my aim.

However, my next project is in the quilting area, so the tapestry will have to wait a bit longer.

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parlance said...

Not only a special date, but special moment in time.