Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

I couldn't let this date go by:  three, one, three, one, three.  I just love patterns!
And it is Easter Sunday.  Happy Easter to you all.

I am being distracted by a minute caterpillar making its way down my screen.  I have no idea where it could have come from or where it thinks it might be going.
As you can see, it is not very big.

It seems to be my time for insects.  I was helping to clean out a shed that has been infected with termites.  The floor was very unsafe and we had to tread carefully.
This used to be solid timber flooring.

If you look very closely, you will see the dreaded 'white ants'.

Then I saw what appeared to be two huntsman spiders peering over the shelf I had been clearing.  It was above shoulder height and I had been reaching around on the shelf without looking all that carefully. As I was unable to step back quickly, I tentatively made my way our of the shed, got my camera, and took the photos from a distance.

It turns out that one of the scary sights was a spider skin and the other was a dead spider.  But it had been startling at first.

We took some of the infected wood to a pile that will be burnt - as soon as we are allowed to have outdoor fires.  Let's hope the fire restrictions are removed soon.

Then some yellow breasted robins  came to have a feast on the termites.

Well, the caterpillar has made it all the way down the screen.  I suppose I had better take it outside and hope I can find an appropriate plant for it to live on.  Maybe it came from the hollyhock flowers that I am still collecting - apparently it isn't new plants, it is offshoots of the original.  It is still producing quite a lot of flowers, has been for months now.


parlance said...

UPdate on the birds, Mary. The yellow robins are back, in the company of a flock of boy and girl willie wagtails, and a lovely sleek bird that looks like a cross between a thrush and a blackbird.

Mary said...

Parlance, it sounds as if they have discovered a feast. Hope they get rid of al those termites.