Saturday, March 2, 2013

What a little bit of water can do

We have had a very dry January (one site says we had 8mm of rain in Melbourne).
We decided to resume having a bucket in the sink while rinsing vegetables and salads, and when rinsing plates, so we could put that water on plants that have been suffering.  One plant has made a resurgence - a hibiscus that is madly flowering.  We are wondering if it is going through its death throes and producing lots of flowers.  But I am pretty sure it flowered lots last year too, and for a long time. It was struggling a lot with the heat and dryness, so it has been my mission to put the kitchen waste water onto it.

There has been a young wattlebird living in it lately, making almost constant noise.

Then we had a bit of rain in February (71mm in our area according to Melbourne Water.) However, we still have water restrictions in place.  The recent rain has rejuvenated some plants though, they are just taking over the place. The pace at which this malabar spinach has climbed on our hose has just been amazing.
Here's hoping March will not be so hot (although it is forecast to be rather warm in the next few days) and that there will be rain in the near future.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mary I've been saving onion skins in an orange bag hanging off the pantry door. I think I've filled a couple already. I've dyed wool in the past but having read your experiment with silk has motivated me to have a go. Agree with you about the weather... bring on autumn I say. Pat

Mary said...

Pat, it was very easy but the outcome was lovely. And it doesn't smell of onion either!
I am hoping to warp up the loom so I can do a little every day, inspired by Debbie Herd.

Vera L Hazelgrove said...

Me too! - cooler weather please!!
I love your hibiscus! I love hibiscus, full stop :-) I have a small one in the front yard about 70cm high with cream coloured flowers and have a baby one next to my shady fence in the back, which it seems to like. The plant is only about 7 cm high and still it has had one full size yellow flower.
I am glad yours is holding out and going so well with flowers!

Mary said...

Thanks Vera, this hibiscus is in full sun all afternoon and still does well - and flowers for months.