Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mountain to Sea inspiration

The online group, tapestryweaversoz, has an annual project to make a tapestry that is no more than 20 x 20 cm.  Each year has a different theme.  This year it is Mountains to Sea.  I have seen that a couple of people whose blogs I visit have posted about their work (Vera and Pat), so I will too.
I am looking forward to seeing all the works in the flesh, so to speak.  It will be a travelling exhibition, in a suitcase, and we are hoping to host it here in Melbourne in June or July. Seeing pictures of people's work is good but nothing compares to seeing them in reality.
I think I mentioned already that I was having problems with my tapestry having bulges.  I have sewn up the slits, steamed it a little, and the bulges are less obvious.  They are still there but I have decided that I can't make it any better and that is the best I can do.

Isn't it amazing how the time of day affects the colours?

These themes give me the impetus to weave, and to try various techniques, so I am not going to beat myself up about the work not being perfect - I need this encouragement to weave and will participate as long as I can.  The group is a very generous one, people will always answer questions and no question is too simple. I need to be weaving, so I can try out different ideas and for the pure enjoyment of the process.
As usual, I haven't just done the topic, I had to put a twist on it.  So mine is Sea to Mountain - it is based on ammonite (or ammolite) that is a sea fossil - ammolite is found in the Rocky Mountains.   I have been influenced by the fossil turning into rock and by the fact that the sea-bed is now in a mountain.
I found my inspirational image on a royalty free stock photo site and have bought the licence to use it. It is a relief to think that I am legal about this - if I am understanding copyright properly, such a tricky process.


Michelle said...

Wow Mary, beautiful work!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle, I was happy with it, despite the trials of not sewing up as I went and not doing my single warp wraps properly.

Michelle said...

I think the design is strong enough that you don't notice these things ;)

Mary said...

Thanks again! Actually, I suppose the design is really nature's and I have just interpreted it.