Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Plastic Fantastic exhibition

Plastic - Fantastic? is the theme of the 2013 'Discarded' Recycled art exhibition being held at the Box Hill Community Arts Centre at the moment. It is part of the city of Whitehorse's Sustainable Living celebrations.
A friend of mine has work in it.  It is a knitted bag, made of old plastic bags.  By Jill Preston.

 These two were made using old microfiche, bubble wrap and contact used for covering shelves.  By Roma McLaughlin 

 This one was made by students at St John's Primary School.
I don't remember who made this one but I liked it.

The works all had a message about sustainability but also showed some creative ways to reuse what might otherwise be called 'rubbish'.

If you go to see it, don't forget to call in at The Alcove and spend some money!

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