Monday, March 18, 2013


I called in at the Handweavers and Spinners guild, in Carlton, last week and had a chance to have a look at the latest show in the gallery.  There was quite a lot of lovely wool, spun by guild members, as well as articles made by them.
One was by a lady I have met through the guild, and through Ivanhoe Makers Market, Teresa Bennett.  She had done a lovely little nest shape, made of paper and wire.

 I met Teresa in the street on Friday, we just happened to be in the same shopping strip, at the same time.  It is not a shopping strip I go to very often.  I mentioned I had seen her work and she told me about the exhibition in the CAE - I would have seen it as I go there every week and always look to see what they have on display but I may not have noticed her name, I am very bad at taking notice of who has done the work. Teresa gave me permission to take photos and here they are:

The display is of works by recently graduated Arts students from CAE.

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