Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autumn weather

We've all been complaining about the unusually hot weather lately. Today we were 'not complaining' about being rather cool.  The temperature where we were only got to 17C (62F) - and it was windy!  This is a bit of a change from the 35C (95F) we had a few days ago.  Typical Melbourne weather.  It is supposed to warm up again in a few days but not to the same heat we have been enduring.

We took Penny to the beach at St Kilda, for a short run.  We had totally forgotten that the Grand Prix was on.  It was a little tricky to get to the beach we wanted but we did manage it.  Turns out the race was just starting as we left the beach - it is a very noisy race! It rained in the morning (celebrations!!!) but was fine for the race.

I recently saw a post on Vera's blog about her Naked Lady flowers.  I thought I had missed my chance to post about them because the heat did dreadful things to them.  But, lo and behold, there were some in the garden today.
I had to post about them, just to see if I get lots of hits because of what we call them.  I have no idea of their proper name, I have always known them as Naked Ladies.

The hollyhocks have seeded and new plants are coming up - and they are flowering too!  I keep getting more flowers in the freezer.  I will have to do some more dyeing soon.  I just need to think about what I am going to do with the fabric.  But I can't let those wonderful flowers just go to waste - not that they would be wasted, we do have a good compost heap.

We were also lucky to see a Dingy Swallowtail Butterfly emerge from its chrysalis yesterday.  It took a while for its wings to dry out and we were able to get a few good shots.
If you look closely, you can see the drop of liquid hanging.  This is the last of the liquid it squirts out just before it is ready to fly away.
It doesn't look all that dingy to me.  Not sure why it has that name.

I remember having the caterpillars in my classroom for several years.  We got the eggs from the Melbourne Zoo Butterfly House, they stayed on the lemon tree I had in a pot in the classroom, and then they made their chrysalises.  As they take quite a while to emerge and let their wings dry, we got to see part of the process once the school day started.  One year we had waited patiently through the weeks of the process and took the tree outside so the butterfly could fly away at the right time. We all sat quietly, watching it emerge, flutter its wings dry and get ready to fly.  Just as it eventually fluttered away, down swooped a magpie for a lovely butterfly snack!  A life lesson learnt that day.  There was just a shocked silence, then we went back inside.

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