Monday, April 1, 2013

Still learning.

As I have already said, I am doing second year of Machine Embroidery as an Art Form this year.
I came up with a new design and decided to try some of the techniques using the feet of the sewing machine.  I hadn't used most of them before, so it is all new learning.  All good.  Except for the result!

I stencilled my rose, did some textured stems with twin needles, stamped some buds.
The buds looked too small, so I added to them with some knitted yarn I had.

The stem was too dark, so I slit it between the twin needles to let the paler base fabric show through.

The rose was too dark, so I sewed over it with some of the patterned stitches.

Still too dark. Time to try the textured stitches on the rose.  I sewed over the shapes of the stencil, not in a particular direction.  This meant that it didn't pull in like the previous sample did.  But it also meant that the fabric was pulled in in a variety of directions, causing rippling.

I did use a hoop but that is all.  Next time, and there will be a next time, I will try using a stabiliser on the back, see if that helps, or I could use batting. Because it pulled in less, it is much bigger than I anticipated.  I had drawn the design with quite a lot of allowance for the pulling in and it didn't do that.  Another lesson learnt.
Maybe I could do some quilting, see if I can stretch the fabric and sew it so that the distortion is less obvious.  Or I could just call it a sample and learn from it.

Even though I said there will be a next time, I think I will adapt the design a bit too, see if I can make it more pleasing. But I will definitely work the techniques with different backings.  Actually, Karen Richards, the teacher, also suggested that I try different weight fabrics.  I will give that a go too. 


Michelle said...

Mary, that still looks fabulous! I think free-form machine embroidery must be incredibly difficult - eep!

Mary said...

Thanks Michelle,
It is a bit like I think weaving is so difficult - and tedious! I suppose it is what inspires you to patience and perseverance.