Saturday, April 20, 2013

Australian Quilt Convention 2013

I visited the AQC a couple of days ago.  It has several exhibitions of quilts.  One was the challenge for the convention, Free.

This one had metallic paint and metallic quilting - the photo doesn't do it justice, it glowed in the afternoon light.

You can see the lovely building in the background. I love the old Exhibition Building.
Then there was a 1m x 40cm banner quilt exhibition.  I really like that size and it looks good hung together. Salt: South Australian Living Artists presented The Fabric Trail.

There was a Something Borrowed Something Blue exhibition from the UK,
Korean quilts 

and a challenge for New Zealand quilters to use particular fabric and make a small quilt that was not allowed to be rectangular.  That had some interesting interpretations. 
South African quilts were also there, based on the theme of Dreams.

Australia Wide Three was a very interesting exhibition, showcasing how the artists responded to a  challenge from the Ozquilt Network Inc. It looked like it had been an enormous amount of work.
There was also the 12x12 group's exhibition of their last challenge, based on colour.

There was the Rajah Winner 2012 - Judy Hooworth.  
Best of the Best was an exhibition of quilts that had won exhibitions around the country, as was Best of Australia.
The Teach Me quilts were something to behold too!

I made sure to see all the quilts before I ventured out to the stalls.  I didn't want to be too exhausted before getting to the quilts.  I actually managed to spend very little money at the stalls, I was very pleased with myself.  All in all, a lovely day.

There was so much to look at that I hope I haven't left out any works.

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