Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Finally, I have started working on a new tapestry.  I was getting ready to do one that is based on a photo I took at Darebin Parklands (I suppose it is really Rockbeare Park as it is on the Banyule side of Darebin Creek).  It is of the cliff near a pond and the particular picture is quite purplish.  It must have just been the right time of day at the right time of year.  I have others of the same spot that are not nearly so purple. (Actually, it doesn't look all that purple here, but it prints out very purple every time.)

I forgot that you cannot work all the way up a loom, it gets too tight if you work too high.  So I had to revise the size of the image when I had warped up the frame.  I had intended to do it at about 60cm x 80cm but that would not fit on the loom I had warped up.
I put off starting as I was debating what hitching-on to do.  I have tried the traditional hitching-on that requires plaiting of the warps when finished and leaves a white edge.  I have also  tried the small tapestry hitching-on that does not have such an obvious edge but uses a lot of hitching (and wool, and time).
I have recently found a copy of The Techniques of Woven Tapestry by Tadek Beutlich (a 1986 copy) and he had notes about weaving a small amount that can be turned under when finished.  This eliminates the white edge also.  I saw this technique when we went to see some of Jennifer Sharpe's work too.

I found the book when I was browsing The Book Depository, a website that sells books online and sends them postage free!!  Turns out they did not have it but gave me a link to another site that finds second-hand books (Abe Books) and I ended up getting it from a shop in Healesville, so it came within days!

I kept putting off starting the work.  Finally I realised that there was a little voice in my head saying, "You want to do it bigger!"  That was why I had been procrastinating so much.  So I have warped up a bigger loom and will start work on the tapestry this week - if all goes to plan.
I decided to use the traditional technique, I need the practice with plaiting.

I hope I get it done by the time my work is due to be handed in.  I have until November the 5th (Guy Fawkes day  - maybe I can let off some fireworks if I get it done in time).  I will work on it on campus, so that will mean going in at times apart from class times. Once again, I am hoping to play with some texture techniques and novelty yarns.

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