Friday, August 20, 2010

Home Tapestry

The two tapestries I am doing at present are both progressing slowly.  The one I am doing at home is on the way.  I can do it on weekends and for an hour or so every now and then, between appointments.  I also get together with a friend most Tuesdays and I usually take my tapestry with me.  We have a lovely day together, doing our artistic endeavours (assignments for our courses usually).  She is studying the Diploma of Textiles and Design at Box Hill TAFE.

I am using a cartoon at the back for this one.

This work is based on an aspect of Rockbeare Park and it's geology.  I am playing around with the colours and some texture in this also.  It has quite a long way to go still - I hope I don't get stressed about finishing it by the end of October, when it is due for my course!  I suppose I will have to eventually start working after dark.  It is actually staying light longer these days, so I should be able to get more in from now on.
I just looked up daylight saving hours on the government site, it starts at the beginning of October, so that will give me more time to work in reasonable light.


parlance said...

Don't stress! It will get done. And if it doesn't, then it will not be done.

Deep philosophical comment...

Mary said...

I get the philosophy but can't quite get over the indoctrination I have had all my life to complete assignments. I will do my best not to stress but I will be hard!