Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Night

I don't usually do tapestry weaving at night but there is nothing on tv tonight that I want to see, except the analysis of the Federal Election today.  I will listen occasionally but it is early in the evening and people are just predicting. I live in a safe Labor seat, so it will all depend on the marginal seats, I assume.

I am so grateful that we can go to voting booths and not be in danger, that voting is compulsory and that it is just a normal part of our lives.  Tales from people I know who come from other countries remind us of the privilege we have of a safe voting environment and the human rights we take for granted.  I also like the fact that we vote for a party, not a person.

I did a little weaving today but had the important job of watching the television this afternoon as Hawthorn played Fremantle in the football (Australian Football League).  I don't like watching it on tv, I would much rather see it live, but it was in Tasmania, which is a bit far to go.  I couldn't ignore it and ended up watching it on tv.  As you might assume, little was achieved in terms of weaving today.
I rushed in at the quarter (and half) times and did a little (little being the operative word) and will perhaps do some tonight.

I am more interested in the vote than I used to be when I was younger - I couldn't understand why the older people were so interested but now I get it.


parlance said...

I remember a Sri Lankan woman warning me not to go out on election day, because of the danger. She was newly arrived in Australia.

Mary said...

Yes parlance, we don't really realise what some people suffer in their countries.