Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Darebin Parklands history blog

The Darebin Parklands Association has started up a blog on which you can write memories of your time at the park.  For me, the memories are about Rockbeare Park, which is now better known as being part of Darebin Parklands.
I will have to try to remember games played in the creek, sliding down the cliff beside the gum tree that is still in Wynstay Crescent, swimming (?) in the creek - maybe I was little and it was deeper. Hopefully, it was cleaner.

We used to slide down here! It is a long way down.
Looking across to Melbourne, from the same spot.

I am sure that memories of the creek, chasing after my brothers who were playing football down there, exploring the secret paths, etc, are what are influencing my current project of art work based on the park.

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