Saturday, May 29, 2010

finishing off the case moth tapestry

I have taken the case moth off the loom and now have to either plait the warps or sew them in.  I have tried both and have to make a decision.
I am not that keen on the white edge that plaiting produces, even though it is a traditional way of finishing off.  I tried the traditional way on one side of the case moth and it took about 30 minutes, but I don't really like the whiteness, especially against the brown weaving.

Then I tried the sewing in technique and it is much more aesthetically appealing but takes AGES to do.  I think I will  unpick the plaiting and sew in that edge.  I'll have to sit in front of the television, or listen to music, for quite a while to get it done.
You may notice that you can see a tiny bit of the warp still (on the right-hand side) but apparently I can sew over that if it really bothers me.  I was actually told that I could sew over the plaited edge also but that seems to be going to take just as long as the sewing in, so I have decided to go that way.

I was asking our local picture framer for some advice about another piece of work and he told me that wood is acidic and the acid will eventually transfer to the fabric, so now I am a bit worried about the twigs I have used.  I doubt that the piece will be an historic heirloom though, so I don't think I need to stress about it.

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