Thursday, May 27, 2010

Case Moth Tapestry

Well, I've finished the weaving of my case moth tapestry. It is not a lot like the original image, I have taken liberties with the colours but have had fun with it.
I have taken a couple of pictures of the work finished but still on the loom.  (I have turned the pictures around so that you can see the correct orientation.)
The difference between using the flash and not is quite marked.  The colours are not quite right in either picture, one is much too light (the one with flash) and the other is a bit too dark.  But you can get an idea of the work.

Actually, I have my miniature tapestries on the same loom, not wanting to waste all that effort of warping up.  So I have not yet done much work finishing the tapestries off.  I hope I can do it well and not mess up all that work by sloppy finishing off.  I haven't tidied up the historical piece yet either.  I must get onto it as it is all due to be handed in soon.  I have woven it using the small tapestry finishing technique, that will be interesting to see how it works - no braiding.


parlance said...

In a lot of textile arts there's a temptation to see the finishing-off as a real drag, unfortunately. Perhaps we should 'timetable it in' as part of the creative process.

Mary said...

Parlance, you are right, it is a drag but it can make or break a piece of work.
Good preparation and setting up are also vital but I usually just want to start, once I have an idea. Both of these are essential but a drag.