Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tapestry grows slowly

I worked for about four hours on my tapestry today but it is not very obvious that I have done much.  Very slow.  I try to work in the daylight hours as it is harder to see at night.  It is still warm here, so I am noticing that the warps are getting a little grubby from my sweating hands.  I try to move away every hour and make sure to wash my hands but it is still hard to be pristine.

Here is a picture of progress so far.  The colours are not quite what I was expecting but they are ok.  I need to take pictures or walk away and view from afar to get an overall view of the piece.  It is easy to become focussed on the small parts and not see the overall effect.
Hopefully, I will not get headaches tomorrow.  I have been suffering lately and suspect the tapestry weaving but have made an attempt to improve my posture and to take more frequent breaks, as well as doing the few exercises the physiotherapist has given me.


parlance said...

Maybe cut back on the hunching over a computer also? Just joking!

Mary said...

Parlance, I am amazed when I look up from the work and discover that an hour, sometimes two, has gone by. It is worse than the computer. I am not sitting with good posture with Penny but I try to be better most of the time.